1. The W4RT Electronics shopping cart is a secure site once you begin the entry of your credit card information. Note the https:// on the Address line of your browser. We have never had a single problem in the five years of using this system.

  2. To assist you in locating items of interest to you to enhance the enjoyment of your radio system, this web site is organized basically by manufactuer, then radio type, and then accessory.

  3. At the top of almost every page, you will see a menu bar containing the main selections to guide you to the various areas on this sweb site. To return to the Home Page, click on the box in the upper-right corner of the menu bar.

  4. For example, when you click on YAESU ACCESSORIES on the Home Page, yoou then see a variety of Yaesu radios. Select now the FT-817/ND radio. A large selection of accessories for the FT-817/ND now appears. When you click on the image of a particular product, a page containing the product appears and allows you the opportunity to purchase the product or related products and/or to access additional information about the product.

  5. Select the desired item and click on "Buy Now" button to add the item to the Shopping Cart.

  6. The Shopping Cart screen will then display. You may change the Quantity of the item (or of any other contained in the Shopping Cart) by simply changing the number in the Quantity entry. If you desire to remove the item, enter zero. You can click on the "RECALCULATE" button to update the screen.

  7. To continue shopping, click on the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button selecting all products desired following Steps 2-6.

  8. Next compute the applicable shipping and handling charge by selecting your country and entering your zip code or other applicable postal code. Click on "Add Shipping" and when the shipping options appear, select the method you desire.

  9. To complete the order and make the appropriate payment, click on the "GO TO PAYMENTS" button. Please enter any special instructions or questions in the COMMENTS box prior to pressing the "GO TO PAYMENTS" button.

  10. You may view the Shopping Cart by clicking on the box in the menu bar marked "View Cart." NOTE: You can remove an item from the Shopping Cart while viewing the "View Cart" page by entering zero in the Quantity entry and pressing "RECALCULATE."

  11. Alternatively, when ready to complete your order, click on the menu bar box marked "Check Out."

  12. When you click on "GO TO PAYMENTS," you will see a review of the products you ordered and the Order Form for you to enter your invoicing and shipping information. Another review page containing the order, billing, and shipping information is shown for you to check. If there is an error, press your browser's BACK button and fix the error. Select the payment form. If Credit Card, you will be transferred to a secure site for credit card data entry. Upon completion, you will be emailed a copy of your order. You also may print out the form to FAX to W4RT Electronics if you are paying by money order.

  13. We do not normally send tracking numbers. If an order will not be promptly shipped, you will be notified by email.