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If you buy just one accessory for your radio, this may very well be the best choice!  This DSP provides fully adaptive noise cancelling, minimum distortion to audio signal, noise cancellation 11-35 dB, 4 user selectable noise cancelling levels,  single button operation with LED and audible indication, wide audio bandwidth for natural sound, input and output level adjustment, beep level adjustment, input overload indication LED, last used DSP level stored in memory, and 5-15VDC operation.

The NEDSP1062-KBD amplified DSP module provides a simple solution to adding DSP noise cancellation in a wide range of applications. It incorporates Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to provide up to 35 dB of noise cancellation and 65 dB of tone reduction. The module features an on board power amplifier to allow it to be easily incorporated into existing equipment by installing the module in line with the loudspeaker.

Radio Mate now in stock!

The bhi Ltd.  "Noise Away" Amplified Noise Elimination Module (ANEM) by bhi Ltd. is a compact easy to use, microprocessor controlled, in-line solution for noise and interference problems in voice/radio communications. Using unique fully adaptive DSP noise cancellation, unwanted noise and interference is removed to leave clear speech with virtually no distortion of the voice signal.

Supplied with a fused power lead and a 3.5mm mono audio lead.

The noise elimination achieved was very worthwhile and the unit was easy to use. As its name suggests the Compact In-Line is very compact and the integrated battery power facility makes it ideal for use on holiday or for a spot of hilltop listening.

DSP module for FT-817, TS-50,
IC-706 MKIIG, and other radios.
Hear What You
Have Been Missing

Amplified DSP Module for any speaker including Yaesu SP-8 and Kenwood SP-31 speakers.
Awsome Noise Reduction!

Direct frequency entry key pad for the FT-817/857/897. Fast access to operating modes and 40 frequency memories.

Noise Away
Amplified Noise Elimination
Unit (made by bhi, Ltd)
Works with almost any radio!

Compact In-Line
Handheld battery operated
Dual channel DSP noise cancelling unit
New improved DSP noise cancelling

The bhi CAT-MATE is an electronic “Y” splitter that enables the bhi Radio Mate compact keypad to operate with many other accessories for the Yaesu radio series, and also be used as a standalone product. The key benefit of the CAT-MATE is that it allows more than one accessory to be used with the radios CAT port at the same time.

The new bhi Dual In-Line DSP noise eliminating module provides two channel/stereo noise cancellation, and is suitable for use on all radios and receivers including SDR, especially those with stereo or two channel output options. It can also be used with standard mono speaker input and output signals.

The New bhi two-way Mini Switch is a compact two way switch box that enables you to connect two radios to your bhi DSP noise cancelling product

High-quality amplified DSP noise cancellation speaker

 stylish & robust
base station speaker

Connect Up to 3 Accessories to Your Radio including the

Dual In-Line “DSP ”
 Dual channel in-line module
Mono or stereo inputs

bhi Mini Switch
Connect 2 radios to your bhi DSP
noise cancelling product

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