miniVNA PRO - HF & VHF Antenna Analyzer
Miniature Antenna Analyser Covering 0.1 to 200 MHz
Also measure cable losses, cable length, transmission, bandwidth, and quality of filters, etc.
Connects to computer with an USB cable, power is supplied over USB!
For remote connection, Bluetooth and Li-Ion battery are included!

Why waste your money on a MFJ, Autek, etc. antenna analyzer
that shows only measurements at a single frequency?
Now view in real-time all parmeters
over any portion of the 0.1 to 200 MHz spectrum!


Software-Defined, PC-based HF/VHF Antenna Analyzer

miniVNA PRO BT Antenna Analyzer $54999
Includes minVNA PRO, USB Cable, Calibration Sources, CD with Software, & Quick Installation Guide
( No computer is included.)

miniVNA PRO is also available from W4RT Electronics' Dealers
Amateur Electronic Supply ( and GigaParts (
Handy SMA to SO-239 converter since most HF transmission lines use the PL-259.

SMA Male to SO-239 (female) Converter $5

W4RT Electronics is the North American Distributor for the mini Radio Solutions miniVNA.
Non-North American customers should contact WiMo in Germany.

The mini-VNA Pro BT is a furthr development of the worldwide highly acclaimed mini-VNA Network Analyser. The most prominent enhancements are a built-in LiIon battery and the new Bluetooth interface. Both enhancements allow you to use the mini-VNA Pro BT ouitdoors, directly at the base of the antenna.

Further functions and technical data of the mini-VNA Pro BT

•Frequecy range 0.1 to 200MHz

•Calibration using open/short-load for accurate results

•Range of impedance Z from 1 to 1000 Ohms

•Two ports VNA with S11 and S12 display; displayed and save results

•I/Q DDS Generator with 0 dBm output power

•Two separate RF outputs for I/Q for SDR experiemnts and IMD measurements with independant attenuator from 0 to 55dB, phase angle adjustable to 1° precision

•Built in Bluetooth® Adaptor (Class 1) for wireless remote measurements

•Built in LiIon 1000mAh battery, (4 hours full-scan operation)

•Built in battery charger (up to 400mA)

•Accessory port for future optional interfaces and frequency extenders

•Low power consumption, 220mA @3.6V, (analyser mode using USB port)

•Power save mode

•SMA connectors for better isolation

•extended dynamic range: up to 90dB for transmission, up to 50dB for reflection

•Boot loader for future firmware upgrades

•User friendly interface for PC Windows, Linux and MAC

•Integrated Smith Chart in software

•Measurements of motional crystal parameters, cable lengths & more

•Export data in several formats: JPG, Excel, ZPLOT, S2P, PDF

Click Here to Read miniVNA PRO Manual for Windows.

Click Here to Read miniVNA PRO Manual for JAVA.