LDG Z-11ProII Ultra Autotuner
Great Autotuner for All Applications

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Z-11ProII Ultra List $189 W4RT $16999
Includes Installed & Tested Battery Holder & Power Cable
(Requires 6 AA batteries, user provided)

Z-11ProII List $179 W4RT $15999
Includes Power Cable

Battery Kit for Z-11Pro $699
Battery Holder (user installed; batteries not included)

Z-11ProII Steel Lid $499

Icom-IC2 (includes AC-1) $8
Interface Cable to ICOM

Coax Cable $499
Interconnect autotuner to radio; one-foot RG-8X molded connector

Y-ACC $12
Interface Cable to FT-857/897

The Z-11ProII is everything you always wanted in a small, portable tuner designed from the ground up for shack and battery operation, and only W4RT offers the Z-11ProII Ultra with installed battery holder! An optional battery holder can be purchased for the Z-11ProII, which can be easily installed by the user. Only 5" x 7.7" x 1.5" and weighing only 1.5 pounds, it handles 0.1 to 125 watts, making it ideal for both QRP and standard 100 watt transceivers from 160 through 6 meters. The Z-11ProII has 8,000 memories in LDG's exclusive 3-D Memory array, automatically storing tuning configurations for each frequency and band as you use them, for each of four antennas on the single RF port. Frequency sensing circuitry lets the Z-11ProII know your operating band and frequency. Whenever you transmit on or near a frequency you've used before, the Z-11ProII retunes from memory almost instantly (even in SSB!). Memories are retained indefinitely. Rugged and easy-to-read LEDs indicate SWR and status. The Z-11ProII uses latching relays which retain the tuned configuration even when powered down; current draw when not tuning is effectively zero. Control from the front panel is simple and straightforward; just press Tune while transmitting, and the Z-11ProII will begin a tuning cycle. The Z-11ProII will even tune while you talk on AM or SSB. For more integrated operation, optional interfaces are available for most Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu and Alinco transceivers. With the interface, a single button-press transmits a carrier, executes a tuning cycle and returns the radio to its original power and mode. Add the special steel top if you need to use magnetic mounts (only from W4RT). Really nice to mount your CW key (like the Palm Paddles) or microphone when operating portable!

NOTE: Not for use with FT-857(D) or FT-897(D) if you plan to use VHF or UHF. These two radios transmit a small amount of VHF/UHF RF energy out of the HF port and will fool the tuner into tuning. Use the AT-100ProII in this case.

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