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LDG Autotuning Technology


LDG’s popular Z-100 economy tuner is now the Z-100Plus. Still small and simple to use, the Z-100Plus sports 2000 memories that store both frequency and tuning parameters. It will run on any voltage source from 7 to 18 volts; six AA batteries will run it for a year of normal use. Current draw while tuning is less than 100ma.

The Z-100Plus now includes an internal frequency counter so the operating frequency is stored with tuning parameters to make memory tunes a blazingly fast 0.1 seconds; full tunes tak

Only 5" x 7.7" x 1.5" and weighing only 1.5 pounds, it handles 0.1 to 125 watts, making it ideal for both QRP and standard 100 watt transceivers from 160 through 6 meters. The Z-11Pro has 8,000 memories in LDG's exclusive 3-D Memory array, automatically storing tuning configurations for each frequency and band as you use them, for each of four antennas on the single RF port.  The Ultra version is battery powered too!

The AT-897 tunes 6 to 800 ohm loads, 10:1 SWR. Tunes in 0.6 to 8 seconds, typically 4 seconds for large impedance changes and only a second or so for small changes in impedance such as when QSYing in the same band. Covers 1.8 to 54 MHz. Requires as little as 100 mW RF to tune and can handle over 100 W. AT-897 is powered directly by the FT-897.  Bolts directly onto the FT-897!

1000-W SSB • 750-W CW • 500-W Digital.  Building on the success of the AT-1000, LDG Electronics has refined and expanded its flagship 1KW tuner. First and foremost, the AT-1000Pro has an Auto mode that automatically starts a tuning cycle any time the SWR exceeds a limit you set. Also, there are provisions for two antennas; you can switch between them any time you need. For each antenna, there are 2,000 memories that store tuning parameters for almost instantaneous tuner setting whenever you transmit on or nDefault

Z-100Plus Ultra

Z-11ProII Ultra



The Z-817 is the ultimate autotuner for QRP radios including the Yaesu FT-817(ND). The Z-817 interfaces to the CAT port (ACC) on the back of the FT-817 radio with the provided cable. Tuning could not be simpler; one button push on the tuner is all that is needed and the Z-817 takes care of the rest. It will switch to PKT mode, transmit a carrier, tune the tuner, then restore the radio to the previous mode! It has 2000 memories to cover 160 through 6 meters.

The popular AT-7000 has been replaced by the IT-100. While the AT-7000 was designed specifically for the Icom IC-7000, the IT-100 is more suited for all Icom radios that are AH-3 and AH-4 compatible. The new IT-100 adds a front panel Tune button and status LEDs.

LDG’s new KT-100 serves as a dedicated tuner for Kenwood radios: just press the Tune button on the radio. The LEDs on the front panel indicate tuning status, and will show a match in seconds, or even less of you’ve tuned on or near that frequency before; the KT-100 has 2,000 memories for instant recall of the tuning parameters for your favorite bands and frequencies.





Covers all frequencies from 1.8 through 54 MHz, and will automatically match your antenna in no time. Features a two-position antenna switch allowing you to switch instantly between two antennas. Requires just 1 watt for operation, but will handle up to 125 watts, making it suitable for everything from QRP to a typical 100 watt transceiver. Includes over 2,000 memories for each antenna, automatically storing tuning configurations for each frequency and band as you use them.

Handles up to 250 watts SSB or CW on 1.8–30 MHz, and 100 watts on 54 MHz.  It will typically match a 10:1 SWR down to 1.5:1 or less in just a few seconds. Features over 16,000 3D memories, automatically storing tuning data for frequencies and bands as you use them. Has two antenna ports  and can map up to 8 antennas with its memory.

PC-controlled autotuner provides fully automatic antenna matching, any mode antenna tuning across the entire HF range plus 6 meters at power levels to 250 watts.

Enhanced tuning algorithms provide much faster, precise and consistent tuning. Automatic tuning is now available during transmission, even SSB.

The AT-7000 is the ideal tuner for your  IC-7000. It matches up to 10:1 SWR (3:1 on 6 meters) and it has 2,000 (memories. Just hit the tune button on the radio, and your AT-7000 will set tuner parameters in less than a second if you've been there before. If not, it kicks off a full tuning cycle that will be over in about 3 seconds.  The AT-7000 comes fully assembled and ready to use. The package includes a 14" radio interface cable and a 14" coax jumper; you're ready to operate right out of the box.





The AT-100AMP offers homebrewers the opportunity to include a fully automatic tuned input stage in their amplifier. Similar in performance to the popular LDG AT-100Pro, the AT-100AMP is customized for use in the input stage of an amplifier.






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