FT-817 & FT-817ND Accessories

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Outfitting Your
FT-817 or FT-817ND?

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Compact keyboard for control of the FT-817 and direct frequency entry.

 Best FT-817(D) battery pack available.

Why?  Because it packs a whopping

2500 mAh, has current protection on

BOTH positive and negative leads, has

thermal protection, and allows FAST 

Charging with the batteries in the radio.

To further protect your radio, the battery

is automatically disconnected from the 

FT-817(D) during charging.  All fuses are 

Self-Resetting!  Get great operating 

performance and protection for your 

FT-817(D) with the OPP-817.
 2700 mAh

An excellent FAST Charger for the OPP-817

specifically designed by W4RT Electronics to

minimize the charge time while optimizinge the 

charge capacity.  Takes a bit over 2 hours to 

charge a fully discharged OPP-817.  Can be 

use to charge other packs as well.

 The One Board Filter (OBF) affords you the opportunity to have both the Collins CW and SSB mechanical filters available in your FT-817 or FT-817ND together! No one else offers this option.  You can install yourself or have W4RT Electronics do so for you.

This filter is a must for any serious

CW operator.  Same Collins Mechanical

Filter used by Yaesu, but much more

affordable!  Simple plug-in installation.

Great Keyboard entry for the FT-817. FT-857 & FT-897.

2700 mAh Battery
Fast charges in 2-1/2 hrs & has resettable fuses & thermal protection!

FAST Charger
W4RT's own. Plugs into
OPP-817's fast charge jack. Light weight & compact.

Dual-Filter Option
Both 300 or 500 Hz & 2300 Hz Collins Mech. Filters. Install yourself or have W4RT install.

CW Filter
Collins Mechanical 300 & 500 Hz Filter. Great for CW & PSK operations. Just plug it in!

The dynamically-adaptive neural-network technology

to achieve noise and tone reduction is remarkably more impressive than other noise reduction technologies available for the FT-817(ND).  K4YHQ said "... the static, the hash, the white noise just gone, all gone, as if by magic."  No magic, just great engineering.  Available for

DIY or W4RT Electronics installation.

Increases the average TALK POWER

by about 5 dB.  Typical report of users

is that they are now making contacts

impossible before!  Why buy an amplifier

before using the One BIG Punch?

Thousands of happy users!  W4WB

says "I never operate my rigs without 

the One BIG Punch in my microphone!"

The Z-817 is the ultimate autotuner for QRP radios including the Yaesu FT-817(ND). The Z-817 interfaces to the CAT port (ACC) on the back of the FT-817 radio with the provided cable. Tuning could not be simpler; one button push on the tuner is all that is needed and the Z-817 takes care of the rest. It will switch to PKT mode, transmit a carrier, tune the tuner, then restore the radio to the previous mode! It has 2000 memories to cover 160 through 6 meters.

The Z-11Pro is a SOA autotuner and the Ultra version contains its own batteries for base and portable operation.  It weights more than the Z-100 Ultra, but it has many more features.  W4WB particularly likes the steel cover option so that the autotuner serves to hold the Palm Paddles for CW operation when portable.

This filter improves transmit audio quality

 by about a 2 dB gain in TALK POWER

and improves articulation.  Also improves

receive operation by having a much flatter

passband and great out-of-band rejection.

Same Collins Mechanical Filter used by

Yaesu, but much more affordable!  

Simple plug-in installation.

Noise Reduction
Awesome noise reduction. Install yourself.

One BIG Punch
Speech Compressor
Provides about 5 dB more talk power. Be heard unlike you have before!

LDG Z-817
Antenna Autotuner
Battery operated. Great for QRP. Backpackers' dream.

LDG Z-11 Pro II Ultra
Antenna Autotuner
Includes batteries. Has frequency-sensing memory. Outstanding autotuner!

SSB Filter
Collins Mechanical 2300 Hz Filter. Great for SSB operation.
Just plug it in!

The bhi CAT-MATE is an electronic “Y” splitter that enables the bhi Radio Mate compact keypad to operate with many other accessories for the Yaesu radio series, and also be used as a standalone product. The key benefit of the CAT-MATE is that it allows more than one accessory to be used with the radios CAT port at the same time.

Easy to use adjustable stand for the FT-817(ND).  Really reduces stress trying to see the display!

Never have to get into the "tangle"

of wires behind your radio when you

want to operate CW.  This cable just

plugs into the microphone jack and,

with a single Menu you setting, is ready 

to go on CW.  Great for portable and

mobile operation.

New innovations by W4RT.  Full protection for the FT-817, fully fused (self-resetting), lightweight, and compact.  Has Fast Charge Jack!

Replace the tuning knob with a true spinner knob at a reasonable price!

Connect Up to 3 Accessories to Your Radio including the RADIO MATE

Simply snaps into position. Adjust for desired height. Complete with non slip feet and allen wrench.

 MIC-to-CW cable
Quick way to connect your paddles to the FT-817.

10,000 mAH NiMH

Kranker Knob
Now a spinner knob for tuning the FT-817(ND)

The bhi Ltd.  "Noise Away" Amplified Noise Elimination Module (ANEM) by bhi Ltd. is a compact easy to use, microprocessor controlled, in-line solution for noise and interference problems in voice/radio communications. Using unique fully adaptive DSP noise cancellation, unwanted noise and interference is removed to leave clear speech with virtually no distortion of the voice signal.

Supplied with a fused power lead and a 3.5mm mono audio lead.

This is a great autotune for the FT-817 and QRP operation, both base and portable.  The Z-100 Ultra contains its own batteries and last for years!  Can be used QRO too.

bhi Ltd. DSP

LDG Z-100 Plus Ultra
Antenna Autotuner
Includes batteries. Great for QRP & QRO. Backpackers' favorite. 10:1 SWR range.

The FT-817(ND) is a feature-filled rig. But, can you remember how to do it all? And, what information 

will you have with you to help explore those features? Wherever you are, you can have at your fingertips

all the information you need to use the many

FT-817(ND) features.  The FT-817 Pack-It Reference

Book is a "Must-Have" accessory for the FT-817(ND).



CAT Remote
Control Software

FT-817 Power Cable

DIN-8 Cable
Male & Female Pigtails

FT-817 Ref Book
A real MUST HAVE for all FT-817(D) users. Lots of info not in manual & has an index!

FT-817(ND) User Group
This is the largest ham radio interest Group on Yahoo!.
Join FT817 and enjoy discussing and interacting with the enthusiastic members, now numbering over 10,000.

W4WB's FT-817 FAQ
This FAQ was prepared for the Yahoo! FT817 Group.

KA7OEI's FT-817 Pages
A wealth of technical information Clint presents from his FT-817 investigations.

K6XX's FT-817 Pages
An assortment of technical information Bob put together about this rig that might interest you.

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