FT-817 Battery and Chargers
*** 2700 mAh - Full Protection - FAST Charging ***

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One Plug Power+ (OPP-817+)
Internal Battery Solution
Now 2700 mAh
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World's Most Powerful and Feature Filled Battery Pack
for the FT-817 & FT-817ND
OPP+ NOW Shipping!
SANYO 2700 mAh
Superlattice EVO Cells

W4WB says that the ullage test of the OPP-817+ in his FT-817ND (Lot 143) yielded almost 5 months, i.e., the storage time of the pack in the radio until the voltage dropped to 8.8 V. The EVO cells perform like no other cells available!

W4RT Electronics has been working to fit this very powerful battery cell into the limited battery space of the FT-817(ND). We believe you will appreciate the added power and all of the special features the One Plug Power+ offers. We regret that wholesale battery prices have recently increased, which has forced us to increase our prices. Check out the battery comparison below with other FT-817(ND) packs and we are sure you will understand the value the One Plug Power+ offers you!


Features of the One Plug Power+

  • Overcurrent Protection

  • Thermal Protection
  • All Fuses Self-Resetting
  • FAST Charging Jack
  • Works with FAST NiMH Chargers &
    FT-817 Internal Charger
  • Optional Battery Door
  • Optional FAST Charge Cable



OPP-817+ Pack Only

OPP-817+ Assembly
OPP-817+, Door, & FAST Charge Cable

Pre-Drilled Battery Door

FAST Charge Cable

One-Plug Power+ (OPP+) is the internal FT-817(ND) battery solution you have been waiting for until now. One-Plug Power+ comprises a 2700 mAh NiMH battery pack, both over-temperature and over-current protection, connection to the FT-817 Molex connector, and a power jack that allows connection of a battery charger such as the W4RT OFC-817, Maha MH-C777, MH-C888, etc. PROTECTION of your radio and PERFORMANCE are what the OPP+ provides. With One-Plug Power+, you just plug it into the radio, close the door, and fast charge the battery pack thereafter without having to open the battery cover door or "make-and-break" connection at the tiny Molex connector! It's really nice to be able to recharge in a few hours rather than overnight! For really fast charging, check out the W4RT One FAST Charger.

To access the fast charge jack, you can either open the battery cover door or drill a small hole in the door the keep from having to open the door. A drill template is included with the OPP-817+. W4RT also offers pre-drilled doors and charge cables.

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One FAST Charger
A W4RT Electronics Innovation
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W4RT Electronics has developed a really first-class fast charger for the FT-817 One Plug Power Plus. It charges the 2700 mAh OPP+ in just over 2-1/2 hours, small (4"x2.8"x2.3"), lightweight (about 6 oz), and versatile. The charger uses the standard Molex RC connector typical of the Radio Shack 9.6 VDC NiMH battery packs and the OPP fast-charge cable (supplied with the OPP). This technique allows you to use the OFC-817 to quickly and easily connect to the OPP or to other 9.6 VDC NiMH battery packs. The power input to the OFC-817 uses a 4-pin connector (two for AC and two for DC inputs). The supplied wall wart plugs connects via this connector. You may also use any DC supply to power the OFC-817 as long as the voltage is 17 to 19 VDC. So you can use your bench supply or even a solar array when out on those deep-country hikes!

The One Fast Chargers for the FT-817 and FT-897 were designed by W4RT Electronics and are manufactured by W4RT as well. Each OFC includes the charger unit and an appropriate wall wart with the Molex connectors installed.

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