Kranker Knob
*** A "Must-Have" FT-817(ND) Accessory ***

Outstanding Improvement in Ease of Frequency Tuning *** Quick & Simple to Install

FT-817(ND) Kranker Knob


Wayne, K8FF, has developed a true spinner knob to replace the FT-817(ND) tuning knob. This quality knob is made from billet annodized aluminum and is precision made on a CNC turning center in the USA. It is a direct replacement for the stock knob and uses your stock rubber friction ring around the outside. It takes only a couple of minutes to swap the knob with the 1.5mm allen wrench (supplied with the KRANKER) Great for pedestrian mobile, set your tuning rate to the slowest setting and krank away.

W4WB and AB4MT of W4RT Electronics have the Kranker Knob installed on their FT-817's and really liked the added ease of operation!