W4RT Antenna BOSS
Motorized Antenna Controller
for FT-100(D), FT-847, FT-857(D) & FT-897(D)


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Antenna BOSS "Temporarily Discontinued" $169

The "Antenna BOSS" makes essentially any motorized antenna "look like" the Yaesu ATAS-100/120 to the FT-100(D), FT-847, FT-857(D), and FT-897(D) radios. Now you can use your radio's own TUNE button for automatic tuning the way it was intended! The Antenna BOSS features dynamic motor braking, works with 6-12 VDC motors, motor stall sensing & braking, user selectable stall current sensing, no special sensors in antenna required, no programming or computer required, works with linear amps to full legal limit, works fine with antennas having a shunt coil, provides manual motor control for tuning 60-160 m, and radio powers both Antenna BOSS and antenna motor. No longer do you have to settle for the ATAS-100/120 performance to have the convenience of ATAS Autotuning. The Antenna BOSS is simple to install and simple to use. High Sierra Antennas (w/ Blackhawk motor), Hi-Q-Antennas and Tarheel Antennas all work well with The Antenna BOSS. Other antennas may work as well, but you should ask before purchasing.

Click here to view the Instruction Manual.
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