DSP Noise Reduction for the FT-817 & FT-817ND
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DSP Module (NEDSP-1061 KBD) $149
Be Sure You have the Skill and Tools for this Installation - Read Manual Below

Click here to view the Installation Manual.Picture of the bhi NEDSP1061-PCB basic module

PCB DSP Module (NEDSP-1061 PCB) $149

USER INSTALLED - Basic non-wired pcb module with connections on a 0.1" pitch.
Ideal for those who want to add their own controls or for commercial applications

Be Sure You have the Skill and Tools for this Installation - Click here to read the manual on the bhi website


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20 m SSB

20 m CW

80 m SSB

80 m SSB

40 m CW

The bhi Ltd. DSP Module for the Yaesu FT-817(ND) now offers you the bhi Ltd. noise cancellation technology inside your FT-817(ND). This is indeed the accessory for which we have been waiting. It features 4 levels of noise cancellation, single button operation, low-power consumption, low distortion to audio signal, doesn't interfere with the FT-817(ND)’s internal battery pack, can be used with optional filters including the W4RT One Board Filter, completely internal fitting - no flying leads, visual and audible indication of filter level, and two demonstration modes. bhi Ltd. utilizes dynamically-adaptive neural-network technology to achieve noise and tone reduction that is remarkably more impressive than other noise reduction technologies available for the FT-817(ND).

    MESSAGE TO the President of bhi Ltd. from W5FAE

"To: graham@bhi-ltd.com
Subject: BHI DSP

Dear Graham,
I have had the pleasure of having W4RT Electronics install one of your DSP units in my brand new Yaesu FT-817ND about a year ago. I have had more fun with this radio since the installation than any of my other amateur radios. I had it installed because my wife complained about the loud hiss during reception. Well the hiss is gone and I am receiving stations that formerly were in the noise floor. Reception is as important in QRP operation as clear transmit. Your DSP is so good at removing tones and heterodynes that in the highest setting I can listen to WWV and the tone is gone but the voice announcements are loud and clear.

Please feel free to use this testimonial as it is 100% true and no exageration.

Thanks for the great piece of equipment.

73 de
Fred E. Campbell

"After using the bhi, Ltd. DSP Module in my FT-817, there is no way that I would ever want to use a FT-817 without one. The performance is remarkable and definitely superior to another noise cancellation device I have. It works great on both SSB and CW, and essentially eliminates carrier-like QRM and background noise. Having selection of four levels of noise cancellation is most useful." de W4WB.

The installation of the bhi, Ltd. DSP Module involves the removal of small surface mount components, soldering of wires at the SMT level, and the drilling holes in the transceivers’ cover. Be certain you have the skill and tools to perform the installation.

W4RT offers professional installation of this device for a modest fee.

K4YHQ posted the following comment eHam.com: "The advertising doesn't do this thing justice. It would be a bargain at twice the price. When I got my 817 back from W4RT, it didn't even seem like the same radio. The signal on 75/80 meters was so clear it was at least as good as I could get on my 756 Pro III, and maybe better: the static, the hash, the white noise just gone, all gone, as if by magic. I'd give this a six, if I possibly could!"

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